MotoGP rider confirmed that his bruised right

Marc Márquez has taken a new step forward in his recovery process. The Cervera rider, who has undergone surgery four times after the fracture he suffered in Jerez in 2020,He passed this Thursday a medical check-up in Madrid with the doctors who operated on him at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester (Minnesota, USA).

The MotoGP rider confirmed that his bruised right humerus, which underwent his fourth operation on June 3, is healing properly. The next step for the eighth world champion, as he himself has indicated in a statement, is to start increasing the intensity of his training and physical activity: “We have taken an important step in the recovery process. In this second review, the doctors have confirmed that the humerus is consolidating correctly, with which we can begin the physiotherapy of the right arm and cardiovascular training”.

The Catalan, who since his injury in the inaugural GP of the 2020 season in Jerez has undergone surgery four times, seeks with this intervention to be able to compete again without discomfort on the bike. A rotation of more than 30 degrees in the bone has conditioned him ever since, and his drop in performance, along with the pain, have even made him consider withdrawing from it.

Now, Márquez is once again motivated after having decided to stop and undergo surgery again after the Italian GP at Mugello this season. “I am excited to be able to recover mobility in my arm to continue advancing”, he affirms in the note shared by Repsol Honda. In his social networks, he also celebrated having gotten rid of the sling that he has worn for the past month and a half.

Dr. Joaquín Sánchez-Sotelo, in charge of the operation, has also assessed the evolution of his patient: “In the review, six weeks after the intervention in the right humerus, a good clinical and radiological evolution has been confirmed that allows progress in the recovery program of mobility and strength of the right arm”. The medical team has summoned the pilot to undergo a consultation again after another six weeks, towards the end of August. Although there is no fixed date for his return, both the team and the driver have expressed their interest in competing again before the end of the current championship.

Shortly after learning the news about his recovery, Márquez connected this Friday live to the Instagram of one of his sponsors and shared other details of his recovery process. “Now I can move my arm, although not yet in a natural way. In two hours I have my first physiotherapy session, and I am happy because it is good news, but we are going to go step by step, “he commented with his followers. After having been on vacation for just over a week in the south of Spain, with the intention of recharging his batteries before starting the physiotherapy sessions, the pilot explained that he will gradually introduce swimming, cycling and other disciplines into his training plan over the next few weeks.

Each day will be carefully planned by your trusted team in Spain, Dr. Ángel Cotorro, your personal trainer and your physiotherapist. “It is important not to stress the arm too much now, if you go too far you can take two steps back instead of one forward”, pointed out the 93, who moved his residence to Madrid in 2022 precisely to be closer to professionals of the highest level and confidence.

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