Endesa promotes employment among 150 families in Aragon To Mark1199

Endesa promotes employment among more than 150 families at serious risk of exclusion in Aragon

Endesa promotes employment among 150 families in Aragon To Mark1199. Endesa, through a contribution of 760,000 euros, has made it possible to support 753 family units in serious risk of social exclusion, of which 155 belong to the community of Aragón. This has been possible thanks to the project ‘#EmergenciaPorElEmpleo’, an initiative that was launched in June 2020 to cushion the social effects of COVID-19.

To take stock of the first year of operation of this initiative, the president of the Adecco Foundation, Enrique Sánchez, has met with the CEO of Endesa, José Bogas. The meeting was also attended by the general director of the Adecco Foundation and director of operations, Francisco Mesonero and Arancha Jiménez, respectively, as well as María Malaxecheverría, Paolo Bondi and Ignacio Jiménez Soler, general directors of sustainability, people and organization and communication of Endesa.

In a press release, Endesa explained that, even in the absence of conclusive and definitive data, it is estimated that the coronavirus crisis could push 6 million citizens into situations of exclusion and / or poverty, reaching 31 percent of the population. population, up from 18 percent before the pandemic. Endesa promotes employment among 150 families in Aragon To Mark1199.

During the meeting, the executives analyzed the results achieved so far, dwelling on new challenges and actions that will be developed to promote diversity and inclusion in a particularly difficult situation.

Endesa’s CEO, José Bogas, has indicated that “employment is the best social protection mechanism, the most accurate response so that people with the most difficulties can avoid exclusion and lead a dignified and independent life.”

At Endesa, “we are firmly aligned with the SDGs and the ‘#EmergenciaPorElEmpleo’ initiative has immense potential to advance their achievement. In this way, we want to contribute to the fulfillment of the maximum of the 2030 Agenda, leave no one behind and contribute that the way out of this tough crisis is inclusive from the beginning, “he added. Endesa promotes employment among 150 families in Aragon To Mark1199.

91 contracts in Aragon
This project aims to accompany 10,000 Spanish families who are experiencing great difficulties as a result of the pandemic in their access to employment. Those who have received the support of the entity have participated in a personalized and transversal employment itinerary, which has culminated, to date, with the signing of 281 work contracts, of which 91 have been in Aragon.

The profile of the beneficiary is that of a person whose family unit was at high risk of social exclusion, frequently associated with situations of single parenthood, gender violence, long-term unemployment over 45 years, domestic economies below the poverty line, among other circumstances.

“These are people who had a very fragile relationship with the labor market or were seeking employment in highly complex circumstances due to their low qualification, lack of professional experience or severe material deprivation. COVID-19 evidenced their vulnerability, placing them in poverty or on the edge of it. In this context, the commitment of companies that, like Endesa, are taking a step forward to support society when it needs it most is essential “, said the president of the Adecco Foundation, Enrique Sánchez .

Endesa’s support is part of the company’s Public Responsibility Plan, presented at the beginning of the pandemic and endowed with 25 million euros. After meeting the country’s health needs, the plan now focuses on the economic crisis that is hitting, especially, households with the most difficulties.

Next two years
COVID-19 has had devastating consequences for the job market. Based on the latest Labor Force Survey and making an annual comparison with the same period last year, Endesa has warned that, during the last year, 15,600 people have lost their jobs in Aragon and 8,700 people have added to the unemployment lists. Thus, the total number of unemployed in the community amounts to 78,000.

As for the social effects of these figures, the organization has stated that these are not immediate and the economic crisis has great potential to amplify inequality in the country. Not surprisingly, there is often a ‘delay’ of up to 2 years between the worsening of labor indicators and its social consequences: many people have lost their jobs in sectors that no longer generate the same professional opportunities and are currently receiving benefits, but in a short time they will stop doing so, therefore it is essential to intervene before their unemployment becomes chronic and they are dragged into vital situations of poverty and / or exclusion.

Employment emergency
Aware of the importance of reinforcing the accompaniment of people at risk of exclusion during these months and, within the framework of its collaboration with ‘#EmergenciaPorElEmpleo’, Endesa starts this July the School of the same name, in which it will involve its employees in the challenge of labor inclusion of people with more difficulties.

The ‘#EmergenciaPorElEmpleo’ school is a volunteer program consisting of 6 modules, developed in different training sessions, which will be led by Endesa’s own volunteer employees.

After receiving training, professionals will teach the content of these sessions, online, which will begin this month and end in December 2021.

Said training will deal with essential content to increase knowledge of the labor market and improve the employability of people at risk of exclusion: labor relations – types of contract, interpretation of payroll -, personal finances – financial literacy, ability to save – , digital identity –social networks, self-candidacy–, the 21st century company –most demanded profiles, competencies–, talent selection – selection test or job interviews – and energy efficiency – gas bill interpretation, social bonus–

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