US Intelligence Admits No Explanation For The Mystery Of Unidentified Flying Objects

A report from the most important defense agencies admits that it does not have sufficient scientific advances to provide an answer to phenomena captured by its pilots.

The United States finally released the highly anticipated report on unidentified aerial phenomena on Friday . The conclusion of the report prepared by the Office of the National Director of Intelligence is that they have no answers at the moment to explain hundreds of unusual sightings between November 2004 and March 2021. “The data continues to be collected and analyzed,” states the document prepared with information collected by the most important defense, intelligence and scientific agencies in Washington.

The report has been fueling speculation for weeks as to whether Washington finally acknowledges alien life and the sighting of UFOs – unidentified flying objects. The bureaucratic language that marks the document makes it clear that experts continue to search for elements that logically explain 144 reports originating from government agencies, 80 of these captured by multiple sensors.

“Most of the reports described that unidentified aerial phenomena interrupted training or military activities that had already been planned,” the public version of the report states. A section of the document remains classified and out of the public eye, which will increase conspiracy theories.

Most of the phenomena were recorded by military pilots in the last two years thanks to “the fact that reporting mechanisms became more popular among the military community.” For some time now, witnesses to these incidents in the skies have spoken.

David Fravor recounted that when he was piloting for the Navy between 2014 and 2015 over the San Clemente Islands (west of San Diego) something began to radiate physics-defying lights and behave erratically in the air. The object had no visible engine or exhaust despite being more than 9,000 meters high.

Washington now admits at least 18 incidents like the one Fravor describes. They are aerial phenomena with “irregular” patterns and flights. Objects that remained immobile in strong winds or that moved against it; abrupt maneuvers at high speeds “without means of propulsion”. The report also acknowledges that in “few” cases the military vessels processed radio frequency energy associated with these sightings.

“We have been able to identify a phenomenon with all certainty. In that case we identify the object as a large deflated balloon, ”the report states. The document adds: “The others remain unexplained.”
Espionage believes that there are “sociocultural stigmas” that prevent collecting more information about flying objects.

The document states that the pilots despise these sightings and remain silent “so as not to put their reputation at risk.” This hinders scientific advancement. The authors of the report assure that the effects will be reduced once scientists, politicians, the military and members of intelligence areas seriously discuss the issue, something that is increasingly common in the United States.

At the end of 2017, the United States Government was forced to acknowledge that the Pentagon was investigating these phenomena with an intelligence program that it kept secret until it was exposed by The New York Times . The publication forced authorities to admit that the program, with an annual budget of $ 22 million, remained in effect between 2007 and 2012.

The Democratic senator from Nevada, Harry Reid , one of the most prominent in the upper house, succeeded funding thanks to his insistence on investigating UFOs after a visit to the legendary Area 51.

Phenomena in five categories
Experts indicate that technological development will allow the currently misunderstood phenomena to fall into five major categories. The first is air clutter, where weather balloons, birds, RVs, and debris will be classified. The second are the phenomena of the atmosphere: ice crystals, humidity and thermal fluctuations that can be captured by radars or infrared systems.

The third and fourth categories would enter geopolitics. The first granting that some objects “may be attributable to developments and programs classified” by the United States Government. Nor does this give clarity on what has been seen in recent years.

“We have been unable to confirm whether these systems can explain any of the reports on aerial phenomena that we have collected,” the report states. The fourth point indicates that it could be technology deployed by rival powers such as China or Russia.

So the fifth category is the most important: Others. Almost everything that has no explanation has remained there for the moment. “We may require additional knowledge to successfully collect, analyze and characterize some of these unidentified aerial phenomena.

We group these objects in this category while waiting for scientific advances that allow us to better classify them ”, indicates the document, which adds that the efforts of a working group will focus on the small number of incidents where flights with irregular patterns were reported.

The report was prepared by the office of the National Director of Intelligence and had the opinion of the most powerful agencies in the United States. These include Geospatial Intelligence, Defense Intelligence, the Reconnaissance Office, the Defense Advanced Research Projects agency, the Federal Aviation Administration, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Office, the National Intelligence Council and the National Center for Counterintelligence and Security, as well as a specialized agency in emerging and disruptive technology. It does not seem like a poster to which you can keep too many secrets.

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