Spanish Government Delays The Final Meeting For A Week

Iceta allows negotiation with the centrals and delays until the first Council of Ministers in July the approval of the reform of the Basic Statute of Public Employees (EBEP)

The Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Function has postponed for a week what was called to be the final meeting to close the interim reform . Minister Miquel Iceta prioritizes airing a possible agreement with the unions and has canceled the meeting scheduled for this Thursday at five in the afternoon; This has been confirmed by sources familiar with the negotiations.

This implies that the reform of the Basic Statute of Public Employees (EBEP) will not go to the Council of Ministers this coming Tuesday and must await, at the earliest, the first ministerial conclave in July. Iceta will present its proposal to the autonomous communities this Thursday and next week it will cite them again, as well as the unions, to close this folder.

The reform of working conditions in the public function to end the abuse of temporary employment , in which Spain has been incurring for years, is one of the core reforms to which the Government has committed with Brussels. And the first piece of it will have to wait, at least a week.

Well, from the department led by Iceta they had set themselves this June 24 to close the folder with or without an agreement and thus be able to take it for approval to the Council of Ministers on June 29 . Finally, the agreement is not yet mature enough, since it involves several actors involved: on the one hand, the unions, and, on the other, the autonomous communities.

The last proposal of the Executive still had several fringes to close. This included, among others, a new compensation of 33 days (with a maximum of 24 monthly payments) for those interns who lost their place after an opposition.

It should be remembered that currently temporary workers of the Administration do not have the right to any compensation when their contract ends; Unlike temporary workers in the private sector, who can receive compensation of 20 days per year worked (with a maximum of 12 monthly payments).

Iceta offered compensation for new interns, not for those who are already working as such, which the unions do not like, as CSIF has expressed with particular vehemence . The centrals, especially the UGT , have also insisted on placing some type of guarantee for the relocation of interns who lose their position, regardless of compensation.

This will be one of the fringes that the parties will have to close at the next meeting, since for the moment the Executive has reiterated that it does not contemplate applying retroactive criteria, which would leave out a very high percentage of public workers. According to the latest data from the EPA, in Spain there are 1.03 million public employees with a temporary contract.

Territorial balance
Iceta requires a bobbin lace to carry out her interim reform. Well, regardless of the complicity or not that manages to weave with the unions, the modifications directly affect the workforce managed by the autonomous communities.

And some of the nationalist parties with representation in Congress and management responsibilities – such as ERC , Junts or PNV – could vote against the parliamentary procedure; putting the vote at risk. That is why Iceta is stretching the times to weave that consensus that it needs to approve the standard.

Another element that is under discussion and that directly affects the regional authorities is the penalty for those administrations that do not take out the opposition competitions on time. What fuels the lengthening of the interim and the risk of fraud.

The degree of responsibilities required that the regulation will introduce has not yet been defined, but knowledgeable sources suggest that managers could be held responsible for prevarication . Something that, on the other hand, the judges are already ruling, following complaints from workers in alleged fraud.

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