From Mask To Lipstick That rubs its Hands Technology

“There is a sector, that of cosmetics, that rubs its hands, because at last the time has come to make up for itself”

In the end, it is already known that it never rains to everyone’s liking . And I am not saying this for this fickle month of June, which, regardless of proverbial reasons, has had us, past May 40, alternating the swimsuit with the raincoat and the beach umbrella with the umbrella.

It wasn’t going that way. I wanted to talk about masks and lipsticks . The announcement that we can finally stop using the mask outdoors is the good news of the week, but even in this case, there is always someone who feels harmed.

MLG 07-15-2020.-Bathers enjoy the day at the beach after the Andalusian government decreed the use of the mandatory mask in all spaces, in the images said bathers on the beach of La Misericor

Basic guide to use the mask this Saturday: minimum distance, use on beaches, swimming pools, taxis … and possible fines
Apart from the sanitary reluctance that there are also, the manufacturers of masks have already publicly expressed their concern . They are going to sell less and that is not good for business. But while some lament, others see better prospects for theirs.

Since the beginning of the pandemic we have not spent much on makeup and much less on lipstick. And there is a sector, that of cosmetics, that rubs its hands , because at last the time has come to make up for itself. I think this time they will not need to use marketing and advertising.

Either I’m wrong or the lipsticks, matte, satin, permanent or creamy, are going to sell like hotcakes and the most vibrant reds are going to take over the street . I am hesitating between the ‘red carolina’ and the red passion. There is a desire to add color to life. And brand new open smile.

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