Wireless Headphones That Adapt To You Not The Other Way Around

These headphones adapt perfectly to our ear

The Jabra Elite 75t are presented as a different option to the usual alternatives in the “True Wireless” headset sector, with a design and hardware that puts the experience of listening to music above any other issue.

With a price of 149.99 euros , the Jabra Elite 75t are placed in a very interesting position: cheaper than the AirPods Pro, like most, but in a very dangerous price range and with more options than we can count on. Basically all manufacturers offer TWS (True Wireless Stereo) headphones at the same level. So what is it that makes these stand out?

So are the Jabra Elite 75t
In a word, adaptability. Both to our ears, as to our tastes, as well as to the various situations in which we will use them. The unique feature of these Elite 75t is its design, which is completely different from the “pistil” look of the AirPods that most brands have adopted. The big difference is that here, the entire headset will be inside our ear, and it has been refined to make that as comfortable as possible.

The design of the Jabra Elite 75t does not follow the lines of the AirPods
To demonstrate how different they are, I am going to explain how they are put. We can’t just put them at ear level and push; we must insert them into our ear at a specific angle, from above, so that they really find their place. The idea is that, once put on, the headset occupies the lower part of our ear, perfectly housed and without moving. And thanks to the IP55 rating and rugged design, we can be sure they’ll last us for years.

I confess that getting to that point turned out to be a bit difficult for me, but only at first; once you understand what to do, it is a natural act . Ironically, after a week and a half of use it bothers me to use headphones with a more traditional design.

To facilitate this, Jabra includes three different sizes of ear tips, which it calls “EarGels” and which allow us to find the perfect fit for our ear. Normally, I don’t pay much attention to these types of accessories, but in this case they are essential to guarantee the best experience.

To make sure that the headphones are well adapted to our ears, the app will carry out tests the first time we put them on; In my case, for example, it discovered that I had put on the right earbud and thus I better understood how to put it on.

Great sound
Best of all, once you adapt them to your ears, the Jabra Elite 75t reward you with great sound quality, higher than what we usually find in this price range. What surprised me the most was finding a very wide sound with an open feel.

The big problem with TWS headphones is that they are too small and closed to create that atmosphere and that spaciousness that is achieved with open headband headphones; but it is a sacrifice we accept to improve portability. I’m not saying that the Jabra Elite 75t reach that level, but they do offer a much superior feel to other headphones.

It is something that you notice immediately as soon as you put on live music, or classical music. It does not give the feeling that we have speakers glued to our ears, as is so usual, but that we are facing a stage.

The sound that comes out of the Elite 75t is clear and vibrant , and it is capable of capturing the bass more than correctly. Part of the fault lies with the headphones themselves, 6mm and with a bandwidth of 20 Hz to 20 kHz, but it also helps that they are compatible with the AAC codec, in addition to the more common SBC. That guarantees a more faithful sound compared to what we are playing on our mobile.

Complete and with ANC
When I took the Jabra Elite 75t out of their box, they had no noise cancellation; But it didn’t take long for the official Jabra app to alert me that there was a new firmware update that added ANC (active noise cancellation) . It is always nice to see a manufacturer support their products in this way, with new features, even if in this case, they are not at the level of the best.

The Jabra app gives us access to noise cancellation
Although the Jabra’s noise cancellation is decent, it is not capable of masking as many sounds as I would like. It can isolate us from other people’s conversations, but algorithms have a more difficult time with unexpected sounds. At least the HearThrough functionality, which allows us to amplify voices in case someone is speaking to us, works very well.

From the app it also offers us access to additional functionalities, such as a sound equalizer . We can even generate “soundscapes”, with noise that can help us concentrate. We can select “Moments”, with predefined settings for various situations such as going by public transport.

Thanks to the four built-in microphones, these headphones allow you to make voice calls; noise reduction technology works very well in these cases.

The app also allows us to customize the controls, although a unique detail must be taken into account: these headphones do not have a touch surface, but are controlled with integrated buttons .

This decision will cause division; Personally, not only does it not bother me, but I prefer to have to press the button for actions such as activating the ANC or changing songs, perhaps because in other headphones I have activated the touch zones too many times just by putting on the headphones. That problem does not exist here, but in return it can be somewhat annoying to have to push on your ear to perform actions.

Personal sound
The Jabra Elite 75t stand out for offering a personalized experience and quality sound, just the aspects that most affect daily use.

The Jabra Elite 75t let you enjoy all kinds of music
It may be that its design is not so modern, or that the app is relatively short for what we have seen in other brands; but you can see that Jabra has focused on what is important, and the result is highly recommended headphones.

The Jabra Elite 75t are now available for 149.99 euros on the Jabra website.

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