Android Apps Come To Windows So You Can Use Them

The most amazing feature in Windows 11 comes with its limitations

Android apps come to Windows, so you can use them. The most amazing feature in Windows 11 comes with its limitations. Amazon and Microsoft have teamed up to make it possible.

One of the great novelties of Windows 11 is the compatibility with Android apps, but it comes with a lot of small print and conditions that we will have to take into account if we want to use apps like TikTok on the desktop.

The Windows 11 demo published by Microsoft shows how Android apps appear within their own window, just like any other Windows program. In fact, the goal seems to be for these apps to seamlessly integrate into the desktop. Obviously, if the apps are designed for vertical screens such as mobiles, this is how they will appear in Windows, but we can change their size and move them wherever we want.

The selection of apps seems complete, including some of the most popular like TikTok . We can also order an Uber with our laptop, control our Ring cameras, or read Kindle books. However, we will not be able to run any Android app, since we will have significant limitations due to the way it has been implemented.

The Android compatibility project in Windows isn’t exactly new, but it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that it gained traction within Microsoft. Now it is clear that the company has not been able to make it a reality alone, and has had the help of Amazon to implement the apps in its system.

As a result, the Amazon Appstore will be integrated into the Microsoft Store ; although the user will only realize it the first time they look for an Android app and install it. In the list, Android and Windows apps will be mixed to focus on what is important, functionality.

Windows will be able to run Android apps
The first time we install an Android app, we will have to log in with our Amazon account, since for all intents and purposes it is as if we had installed the Amazon Appstore on our mobile. Therefore, that also means that we can only install the apps that are in that store , and not those of the Google Play Store.

In the same way, Google services are not included , so the apps that depend on them will not work (in fact, they will not appear in the search). If a developer wants their app to be for Windows, they will have to allow use without Google services or look for alternatives; of course, you will also have to wait for the app to be approved by Amazon to enter their store.

All this means that not all Android apps will be for Windows ; the selection should be very similar to what we find on an Amazon Fire HD tablet, which is also limited to the Amazon Appstore. Even so, it can be a way to enjoy apps that would otherwise be limited to our mobile; In addition, it can become the perfect excuse for many developers to adapt their app to be used on Windows.

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