Christian Defines Himself As Gay Of Royal Blood

Christian defines himself as “gay of royal blood” in ‘First Dates’: “I have not tasted clam”.

The diner made it clear that his date does not like threesomes or open couples or bisexual men

Some diners at the ‘First Dates’ restaurant may be striking when describing themselves. This is the case of Christian, a 29-year-old waiter from Valencia, who defined himself as “gay of royal blood” throughout his date with Kenai: “I have not been with any girl.

I have not kissed or anything. I am a super virgin of girls. I have not tried clam and I am not going to try it. I have it super clear. ”

Leaving this moment aside and after making a good impression, both have grown to like each other more as their relaxed dinner went on, in which they talked about many topics.

For example, Christian made it clear to him that he doesn’t like threesomes, open couples, or bisexual men, a thought very similar to Kenai: “It’s hard to find the same thing as you and he was just looking for something more traditional, normal and stable “.

This was not the only point they had in common, as Christian and Kenai also discovered that their previous partners were unfaithful to them .

“I had a relationship of 10 years and he cheated on me. I was almost a month sensing that he was dating someone else at the same time as me. When I found out I told him that it was over … I am not a fool, but if you saw with whom he left … “, narrated the Valencian boy.

Finally, the good harmony they had throughout the meeting was decisive in ‘The final decision’, since the two wanted to have a second date to get to know better outside the restaurant of ‘First Dates’. “I find him an interesting boy, we have the same thoughts and I also find him handsome,” Christian explained.

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