Art Of Adapting Classics

Ede is the pseudonym with which Elena Villa (22 years old) began to identify herself in social networks as a teenager, until her career as an actress and singer began to bear its first fruits and she decided to make it her stage name as well.

To reaffirm its status as an emerging centennial star, the Madrilenian will present this Wednesday in a streaming broadcast the winners of the new edition of #VersionaThyssen , the contest that the museum devised in May 2019 for young people to approach its facilities.

Each time, the gallery selects six works displayed on its walls and proposes to those between 16 and 35 years old to reinvent them in their own way, share them on their Instagram accounts and accompany those publications with the label that gives name to this initiative.

The candidates take the opportunity to sneak into works from centuries ago their own vision of issues such as gender, race or the information age. In general, the winners are announced on a special opening night of the Palacio de Villahermosa, home to the famous collection, with live music and open doors for the youngest.

The virtual delivery ceremony for this eighth edition will feature a special performance by the singer Rigoberta Bandini , one of the new voices of Spanish electronic music.

But Ede only enjoys the fair and necessary of life between screens. “For me it is also getting weird and sad this year. We understand that it is only a stage and that we have to manage with what we have to be able to continue doing creative things, “he says hours before his appointment with Thyssen.

By the time he released Armas , his first single , in the spring of this year, Spain had already been confined for weeks. He debuted under the production of Juanma Latorre, one of the members of the band Vetusta Morla. Just as it began to open up to the world, the world stopped.

“Within all the bad that has happened in these months, I have to say that, in part, it was good for my music career. Releasing new songs just at the time when everyone was at home, a little more aware of what people from the world of culture did, helped them to be well received, “he admits.

Then other songs have arrived, which make up his first EP, Tranquila . “What I do miss is playing live, being in contact with people and looking at the journalist’s face when they interview me.

The streaming concerts started to get heavy, like everything that comes in large quantities, which in the end tires you ”. Also on his side is Xoel López , of whom he has been a chorusist and keyboardist on his last tour as well as a member of his parallel band, Combo Viramundo.

The singer started by doing musical covers of other artists and uploading them to the Internet, so being the master of ceremonies for the new #VersionaThyssen is a way to close a circle. Probably the first of many in his career.

The most recent, one from La Jardinera of whom he considers a reference: Violeta Parra . “I like to go back to the classics”, he says about this video recorded from his room, with the sunlight burning the image and with his palms and feet as the only instrument with which to accompany his voice.

Now dreams get into the green eyes of Concha Piquer to embrace the couplet, another gender with which they identify. “It would make it very pure. I would not like to think too much about how the original is ”.

Trained as an actress at the Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático de Madrid (RESAD), she considers that doing theater is also another way of covering, whether they are classic characters or the lives of others.

In her interviews, Ede likes to remember that she is from Carabanchel. “My neighborhood is authentic. My neighborhood is good and safe, that people are scared and continue to think that it is the place of the seventies. I live next to the old jail, which was a wasteland. It is a warm place, with its shops and streets that still remind you that, until recently, it was a town ”, he says.

FROM SAN ISIDRO DE CARMENA TO THE RENAISSANCE. The Thyssen museum proposes in this eighth edition of its contest for young versions of Christ in the storm on the Sea of ​​Galilee (1596), by the Flemish painter Jan Brueghel, the Old Man and Suprematist Composition (1923), by the Russian Ilyá Chashnik, among others.

To inspire its participants, it has three guest artists each time. Along with Marla Moon and Alberto Polo is this time Mercedes deBellard, the designer responsible for the cheerful posters for the San Isidro 2018 festivities commissioned by the team of former mayor Manuela Carmena.

For #VersionaThyssen, deBellard has created his own idea for a Renaissance painting: Portrait of a Lady like Saint Lucia(around 1509), by Giovanni Antonio Boltraffio. Both works can be seen in the image above.

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