Communities Approve Expanded Accounts To Face Crisis

The communities, except Madrid and Catalonia, advance in their budgetary duties in the worst economic year due to the pandemic. Governments with an absolute majority, such as Extremadura or Castilla-La Mancha, smoothly process expansive budgets to strengthen health, education and social services.

In Navarra, the Executive of the socialist María Chivite carried them out with the support of EH Bildu. And in other autonomies where the PSOE governs with left-wing parties, Ciudadanos winked in agreement in the face of the health crisis.

While waiting for the European billionaire distribution, the communities have approved these days or are processing special accounts to face a reconstruction phase after the disaster caused by the pandemic. These are some of the autonomies that have advanced in the approval of their budgets.

The Andalusian Parliament approved this Wednesday the accounts for 2021, the third that the coalition Government of PP and Cs carries out, with the support of Vox and the rejection of the PSOE and Adelante Andalucía. The budget amounts to 40,188 million euros, 3.7% more than the current one.

The head of the regional Treasury, Juan Bravo, has left in the contingency drawer a covid fund of 450 million that does not have any allocation at the moment.

Nor has it registered a single euro of the money that will come from the Next Generation programs and the reactivation funds,as other autonomous communities have done, so that, for example, the accounts of Galicia go up 14%, those of the Valencian Community 13% or that of Castilla-La Mancha 15%.

Revenues will be higher in Andalusia and also the capacity of the government of the popular Juan Manuel Moreno to act in the event that the accounts had to be extended in 2022 if there is no political pact due to the proximity of the elections, scheduled for December of that year.

The most controversial measure has come from Vox: to cut the injection to Canal Sur by 14 million , which has caused Andalusian public television workers to protest and turn broadcasts to black for two days.

However, this reduction will not be such, as the Andalusian vice president, Juan Marín, of Ciudadanos, has advanced, since the Board will use the money from European funds to make up for the decline.

The Valencian Courts approved this Wednesday the most expansive budgets in the history of the Generalitat: 25,528 million euros, 11% more than this year.

The accounts went ahead with the support of the three parties that make up the autonomous government, PSPV-PSOE, Compromís and Unides Podem, and the votes against the PP and Vox. Ciudadanos abstained by not accepting neither Compromís nor Unides Podem a reduction in the autonomous section of personal income tax raised by their spokesperson Toni Cantó.

They are the sixth consecutive budgets approved by the so-called Govern del Botànic, first formed by the PSOE and Compromís between 2015 and 2019, and then with the sum of Unides Podem.

The budget was approved on the 18th with the support of the parties of the governing coalition, PSOE, Més per Mallorca and United We Can. Citizens endorsed the accounts of the Ministry of Health, a favorable vote that its regional spokesperson, Patricia Guasp, justified by “responsibility” for the health situation.

His training abstained in the rest of the sections. The regionalist group Proposta per les Illes also gave its support to the accounts of the Health and Social Affairs departments.

The regional government has not included for the moment the extraordinary funds provided for by the crisis. Hence, contrary to the general trend, budgets amount to 5,881 million, 0.2% less than this year, pending those future transfers of money from the European Union.

The budgets of the Balearic Islands have been approved annually since the arrival to the presidency of the socialist Francina Armengol, thanks to the majority that she forms with her left and nationalist partners.

The Basque Government approved last 15 a budget amounting to 12,442 million, with an increase in spending of 770 million, 7.1% more than this year. The 2020 accounts had been approved in the Basque Parliament with the votes of the PNV and the PSE, Government partners, and the support of Elkarrekin Podemos.

After the regional elections last July, the coalition executive led by Íñigo Urkullu has an absolute majority, so it no longer needs to negotiate with the formation of Pablo Iglesias. The project has not yet completed its parliamentary process.

The budget project surpassed last Tuesday in the regional Courts the amendments to the totality presented by PSOE and Mixed Group (Podemos-Equo, Union of the Leonés People and Vox).

The 39 votes against, plus the abstention of Por Ávila, were not enough to defeat the 41 that the PP and Ciudadanos add up, partners in the autonomous Executive. Final approval is still expected in February. The accounts (12,291 million euros for 2021) register an increase of 13.19% compared to the previous ones, which had been extended since 2018.

Parliament approved the Budgets on the 17th with the support of the majority of the Government (PSOE, Nueva Canarias, Unidas Podemos and Agrupación Socialista Gomera). They represent an increase of 5% compared to this year to add 8,474 million.

And this despite the fact that a drop in revenue of 434 million is expected compared to the current year, which will be offset by the funds that the Canary Islands will receive from the State and the European Union and which is expected to amount to at least 1,000 million additional.

The second accounts that the Government of María Chivite manages to carry out, despite being in the minority, were approved yesterday in the autonomous Parliament, again with the support of EH Bildu.

The project increases spending compared to 2020 by 7%, mainly aimed at strengthening the Health, Education and Social Rights portfolios. Among the executive parties (PSOE, Geroa Bai, Podemos and Izquierda-Ezkerra), plus the support of EH Bildu, they added 30 of the 50 parliamentarians of the Navarrese legislature.

They voted against the 20 of the Navarra Suma coalition (UPN, PP and Ciudadanos), who had offered to support President Chivite if she resigned from negotiating with the nationalist left.

The Principality is moving towards the ratification of a budget project that amounts to 5,237 million, 10% more than in 2020. The accounts foresee a specific fund of 100 million to support the sectors most affected by the crisis.

The Executive of the socialist Adrián Barbón has already guaranteed the support of Izquierda Unida and Foro Asturias, and has also ensured that neither Ciudadanos nor Podemos will block the project.

The 20 socialist representatives, added to the two from IU and the Forum, make up 23 of the 45 parliamentarians in the Asturian Chamber, against the opposition of PP and Vox. The plenary session that must give the final approval to the accounts is called for the next 30.

The regional Parliament approved last Tuesday the Executive Budgets chaired by Miguel Ángel Revilla, which amount to 3,076 million, 6.6% more than in 2020, which makes them the most expansive in the history of autonomy.

The project had no problems to move forward since the partners of the Government, Cantabrian Regionalist Party and PSOE, have an absolute majority. They were joined by Ciudadanos, after agreeing to introduce measures for 38 million in the project aimed at the areas most affected by the pandemic.

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