The Best Waterproof eBook Readers Of 2021

Thanks to their IPX8 certification, these three e-books are waterproof. In fact, if you submerge them in fresh water at a depth of two meters for an hour, nothing happens to them.

Many users choose summer to enjoy the pleasure of reading, mainly because during the rest of the year it is more difficult for them, since they do not have enough time that they would like. If this is your case and you want to buy an eReader for the first time or update the one you already have, you are in luck because some of the models on the market are waterproof , so they are prepared to face different unforeseen events.

You have an example of this offer in the following selection. All have received the IPX8 certification, a distinction that corroborates precisely this resistance to liquids . Specifically, they can be submerged two meters deep in fresh water for a maximum of one hour .

What waterproof e-books have we chosen?
The three chosen eReaders are : Kindle Amazon Paperwhite (9), Kobo Libra H2O (8.75) and Pocketbook InkPad 3 Pro (8.75). When analyzing and evaluating them, we have noted different aspects such as the ones indicated below:

– Design: not only from the point of view of water resistance (all share the IPX8 certification), but also its aesthetics, materials and ergonomics of use depending on its price.

– Screen: how this screen looks, its clarity, the possibilities it presents when customizing it …

– Lighting system: what characteristics does it provide in each of the eReaders , its settings, how this activation is carried out in the case of opting for an automatic or manual process …

– User experience: if the eReader has responded as expected, the formats with which it is compatible and how the books are loaded.

– Autonomy: duration and charging time.

Comparison of the best waterproof eReaders: this is how we have tested them
The tests consisted of reading a book with each of these three ebook readers in sessions that lasted between an hour and a half and two . This has made it possible to experiment with their user experience and see how they function in different spaces , both in daylight situations and as night falls . Also analyze the comfort of its design and the different options available related to the habitual use of this class of electronic devices.

The Amazon Paperwhite model has been the waterproof eReader that has obtained the best evaluation . Although its autonomy is not as wide as the rest and its screen is not the largest , this does not prevent it from offering one of the best user experiences and high quality .

Amazon Paperwhite Waterproof eReader
In the previous comparison of water resistant eReaders , Amazon participated with its Kindle Oasis 2019 model. For this occasion, we have recovered this other model from the well-known firm that our colleagues Javier Palazón and Laura Pajuelo had the opportunity to analyze. With a more than interesting value for money and a 6-inch screen with electronic ink and lighting, it offers a perfect size and weight to carry .


Screen: 6 inches, density 300 dpi resolution and integrated light
Dimensions: 167 x 116 x 8.2 mm
Weight: 182 grams with Wi-Fi and 191 grams with Wi-Fi + 4G
Memory: 8 GB or 32 GB
Compatibility : Format 8 Kindle (AZW3), Kindle (AZW), TXT, PDF, MOBI, PRC, HTML, DOC, DOCX, JPEG, GIF, PNG and PMP
Battery: 3 hours of charge, lasts up to 3 weeks
Others: Resistant to the water up to 2 meters deep. Free cloud storage for all Amazon content.

To the touch, the sensation is pleasant and avoids the appearance of reflections thanks to the glass that covers the front . And although the frames that surround the screen are quite wide, this facilitates a more comfortable grip. The texts are represented with great clarity , even when the lighting conditions are not the most favorable thanks to the incorporation of a system made up of five LED lights : they have the mission of uniformly illuminate the reading area ; an area that we customize according to our preferences. The view feels, on the other hand, very comfortable .

It is possible to choose, in another order of things, between various reading modes and accessibility options. One of these offers the opportunity to play with the background of the letter (black) and its color , and it comes in handy if we want to read in bed without disturbing the person next to us.

We can even create different reading profiles and easily retrieve them through the Page Display option , so that we assign each profile a type of line spacing, letter and size. It is useful if we use the eReader in several places, as it avoids reconfiguring the settings.

Two capacities of this Amazon Paperwhite waterproof ereader are available (one 8 GB and the other 32 GB) and through Bluetooth we can connect wireless headphones and use it with audiobooks .

The best: the customization options for reading and the quality of its screen, despite its size being the smallest of the three proposals.
The worst: compared to its previous version, the autonomy is somewhat tighter. Its screen is the smallest.

Conclusions: it is backed by an interesting value for money and promises one of the best user experiences in this type of proposal.

Our choice and the one with the best value for money
Of this ebook reader many virtues can be highlighted, among the best it has, its value for money, the 6-inch screen with electronic ink and lighting and its portability.
Kobo Libra H20 Waterproof eReader

In addition to black, it is available in white, a color that gives it a different appearance. On an aesthetic level, it also makes a difference due to its asymmetric design that makes the right part of the eReader thicker than the left. It is because the physical controls are located in this area. There are two of them and they are used to scroll up-under the text and to turn the pages.

Meanwhile, its accelerometer not only orients the screen vertically or horizontally . It recognizes the hand with which these controls are used and modified, in addition to the layout of the image. The on / off button is on the back . Like its adversaries, the Kobo Libra H20 waterproof ereader is IPX8 certified .

The setup and start-up process is very simple , and when you are going to use it soon you will notice the high sensitivity of its anti-reflective electronic ink screen : it has a size of 7 inches and 300 dpi density. The reading experience is pleasant thanks to the fact that the color and temperature can be adjusted and adapted to our needs through various graduations. Night mode works fine .

Compatible with 15 reading formats , it suggests a wide range of customization options to adapt margins, sizes or fonts; These formats include PDF and EPUB file extensions . One of the most striking features is that its memory stores the reference points that, for example, we consult in a book or manual. Specifically, there are three and they are recognized the first time because they are marked in a scroll bar at the bottom of the page.

We recommend installing the Kobo Books app, available for both Android and iOS . Above all, because if we forget the eReader at home, we can continue the book we are reading on our mobile phone . If you decide to visit the Kobo store, you will find a large catalog of books.

The alternative
With its 15 compatible reading formats, the experience of reading on this device is pleasant. Both the color and the temperature can be adjusted to our needs. In addition, the night mode works correctly.

Waterproof eReader Pocketbook InkPad 3 Pro

Devices with IPX8 certification, in the case of this e-book reader, withstand immersions of up to two meters for one hour : for this, it uses a special coating that protects its internal components . Equipped with a case that is pleasant to the touch thanks to its rubberized finish , it boasts a generous 7.8-inch, 300 dpi touch e-ink display that looks good in terms of contrast or brightness.

The eReader water resistant Pocketbook InkPad 3 Pro is well suited to both indoors and outdoors , while its lighting system is adjustable manually or automatically , allowing not only changing the light intensity but also its hue . Remember that if you are going to read at night, and so that your eyes do not get tired, orange tones are preferable . Despite its 7.8 inches , this waterproof eReader feels comfortable, offers adequate grip, and its 225 grams carries well .

The physical controls that allow managing its different possibilities are located at the bottom (Home, Next, Back and Options); to them, the on-off switch and a micro-USB connector are added . The configuration process is quite simple and we liked that we can create an email account to send the books without having to load them through its micro-USB connection . It supports up to 19 text formats, among which we highlight PDF, PDF (DRM) and EPUB .

It is even possible to enjoy the audiobook experience (it supports up to 16 languages) through its Text-To-Speech function : we will use the adapter included in the box or a pair of headphones that we will connect via Bluetooth.

The turning of the pages is correct ; the settings comfortable viewing ; It includes a sensor that adapts the content according to the orientation of the screen (vertical or horizontal); For the classification of the library of books we use different criteria; and dictionaries are not lacking. Comes with carrying case .

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