2 Meters Wide with Three Large Defensive Towers Built upon Mall

It was surrounded by three concentric walls between 1.5 and 2 meters wide with at least three large defensive towers. The one that occupied the upper part was cyclopean in character and protected an acropolis of about 8,000 square meters. It corresponded to the oldest part of the city.

But when excavating it, archaeologists discovered two surprising successive levels of occupation, between the 3rd century BC and the 1st century BC. The question was then clear: why was it inhabited twice? Soon they found the tracks of the great fire that ravaged it.

This oppidum “of great dimensions”, was founded in III BC “because at that time the Celtiberians are carrying out a process of population concentration and places with the capacity to become the center of the surrounding rural area dedicated to exploitation were needed.

Agriculture ”, explains Cerdeño Serrano, professor at the Complutense Department of History. For this reason, they also erected important “cyclopean defenses that demonstrated the preponderant role they could play in the environment.”

And so, approximately, they remained for a century, until the Romans began a great military operation against the always rebellious Celtiberians.

“The classic written sources refer to operations in the Iberian System since the beginning of the second century BC from the entry of Cato, but they speak of the destruction of villages especially during the campaigns of Fulvio Flaco and Sempronio Graco”, Gamo details.

In fact, the traces of these warlike enterprises are reflected in the recovery of “Roman metallic elements of great historical and chronological interest”.

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