70 Objects Of Pergamon Neues Museum To Display in Alte National Galerie

On October 3, some 70 objects in the Pergamon Neues Museum and the Alte National Galerie, all located on the island of museums from Berlin, were doused with an oily liquid that left visible stains on Egyptian sarcophagi, stone sculptures, and 19th-century paintings.

The attack, which has shocked the German cultural world, took place on Unity Day, which commemorates the historic unification that the country experienced in 1990.

The act of vandalism was concealed by the managers of the museum island and also by the police, but the attack was known last Tuesday, when three German media revealed that the Berlin State Criminal Investigation Office (LKA) was looking for witnesses among the visitors who came to that area that day.

“It is the greatest damage caused in these museums by a single attack”, has assured the vice president of the complex, Christina Haak, in a press conference this Wednesday.

Haak has not quantified the damages, but it has assured that the property of the pieces belongs to the State and that they are not insured, reports Reuters.

The investigation has not yet been able to establish an authorship and the museum managers believe that the damaged objects have no connection between them. Nor have any messages or any kind of claim been found.

Police estimate that some 3,000 people visited the esplanade where the museums are that day and that 1,400 had tickets purchased online . He sent all of them an email with a questionnaire.

The researchers wanted to know if during their stay in the museums they could see any suspicious person, if they could recognize them in photographs and if they had noticed any traces in the form of stains on the exhibits or on the floor.

“We have been working for some time and until now we have not made it public due to the demands of the investigation,” said an LKA spokesman. Police believe that the person responsible for the attack, who was not caught by security cameras, used a squirt gun or spray dispenser.

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