Angela Dobrowolski Ex Wife From Mainat Accepts 17 Month Prison Sentence

The ex-wife of Mainat acknowledges the crimes and accepts a sentence of 17 months in prison

Angela Dobrowolski, ex-wife from Mainat, accepts 17-month prison sentence. The ex-wife of Mainat acknowledges the crimes and accepts a sentence of 17 months in prison. The sentence is suspended on the condition that he does not commit any crime and that he does not break Mainat’s restraining order.

The ex-partner of the television producer Josep Maria Mainat, Angela Dobrowolski, has accepted the sentence of 17 months in prison for breaking and entering and for a continuing crime of breaking a precautionary measure -seven and ten months respectively for each of the two crimes- when trying to enter Mainat’s house in Barcelona this January, in addition to not respecting the restraining order that the judge had imposed on him.

In the sentence of conformity, consulted by Europa Press, Dobrowolski has accepted a sentence of 17 months in prison , however, the execution of the sentence agreed therein is suspended for two years if the defendant is not convicted of another crime.

The facts
The sentence of the jury court considers it proven that Dobrowolski skipped the restraining order when on January 4 he climbed to the terrace of Mainat’s house, “being surprised by the neighbors “, who notified the police. Dobrowolski continues to be investigated and provisionally released for allegedly trying to kill Mainat by injecting him with insulin, being aware that he is diabetic.

On Thursday, as a result of this final judgment, the defendant’s defense requested the 32nd investigating court of Barcelona to release Dobrowolski, since the reasons for which he was imprisoned are the courts and convicted persons in this sentence in accordance .

Cross complaints
In parallel, the Court of Violence against Women number 5 of Barcelona has shelved the crossed cases due to complaints between the two: Dobrowolski had initiated criminal proceedings against Mainat for coercion, discovery and disclosure of secrets ; and he had denounced her for assault , and the case is also on file.

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