Being Late At Work Can Cost You Part Of Your Salary

A recent ruling agrees with a company after a repeated delay of its workers

Being late at work can cost you part of your salary: a sentence proves the companies right. A recent ruling agrees with a company after a repeated delay of its workers.

A morning that gets complicated, or a day that the sheets stick together. All workers have had a day when they were a little late to their jobs . However, now, recurring lateness can be claimed by companies in the form of reduction of part of the payroll.

This is reflected in a recent ruling of the Social Chamber of the Supreme Court that agrees with a company about the worker. There is no legislation as such on the number of absences or ‘delays’ that could occur, but if these occur repeatedly and unjustifiably , as argued in the sentence, a part of the salary may be deducted.

The first case in a ‘contact center’
The case began in a contact center company after the union’s complaint that an employee received a pay cut after arriving several days late, according to the organization’s own policy. Also, if this was repeated repeatedly, employees would receive a warning.

Ruling 582/2021 agrees with the company about this possibility of reducing payroll. “If the lack of provision of services is attributable only to the worker , who is delayed when joining his job, the provision of labor services that entails the accrual of remuneration does not concur,” says the Court.

In addition, it also collects that the employee will not be able to ‘make up’ the lost minutes if the situation is constantly repeated, considering punctuality at work an important factor.

What if you work more than necessary?
On the other hand, and in the face of the opposite situation, which is that an employee leaves the company later, the ruling states that compensation times can be agreed in the form of rest for employees.

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