Saura Foresees The Creation Of 188000 More Jobs In Construction

The construction sector will receive about 8,000 million from Europe

The construction sector will receive about 8,000 million from Europe. The Government will invest 1,000 million in affordable housing.

The real estate sector meets this Tuesday and tomorrow Wednesday in the great conference ‘The real estate sector as an economic engine of Spain’ , organized by elEconomista with the sponsorship of Aedas Homes, Almagro Capital, Almar Consulting, Caleido, Carmila, Culmia, Habitat Inmobiliaria, Inmobiliaria Espacio, Lar España Real Estate, Grupo Lar, Madrid Nuevo Norte, Metrovacesa, Neinor Homes, Sonae Sierra, Tinsa and Vía Célere.

The person in charge of the meeting was Pedro Saura, Secretary of State for Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda of the Government of Spain , who highlighted the resistance that the construction sector has shown during the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, Saura is convinced that the sector will spearhead the recovery, in part, thanks to the close to 8,000 million euros that it will receive from Next Generation-EU funds, which will create 188,000 quality jobs.

“The construction sector is the engine of recovery and a strategic sector for the Government’s economic and environmental policy and social objectives . It will be a transformative element in achieving our objectives.”

Of the nearly 8,000 million euros that the construction sector will receive from European aid, 1,000 million will go to affordable housing . “We must develop two market niches that are underdeveloped in Spain: the rehabilitation of homes and buildings, and the construction of affordable rental housing.”

With an eye on these two objectives, the Secretary of State for Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda of the Government of Spain has explained that they intend to promote the turnkey model , which would allow raising to 300,000 the number of homes rehabilitated per year, and also.

“It could go from 30,000 energy-rehabilitated homes in our country to 150,000 a year, and reach 300,000 a year in 2030, ” explained Saura, who estimates that aid for home renovation may reach 100% . “We are helping to meet the challenge of energy poverty and to renovate and reform neighborhoods,” he said.

Saura has also responded to criticism that only large companies will benefit from European aid. The head of Transport has made it clear that the European lifeguard will benefit the entire business fabric, also SMEs.

“I have heard criticism that the Government has allocated many resources to the urban and housing agenda and that this does not generate added value or quality employment, we think not. We intend that the aid reaches the entire economy, that it is filtered through all companies, large and small, “he stressed.

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