We Get Behind The Wheel Of The New Mini

The new generation slightly modifies its appearance and improves equipment.

The truth is that “facing” making changes to a model as charismatic as the Mini has to be a challenge. And if not that they tell Olivier Heilmer, Mini’s head of Design, who, along with his entire team, has just updated the three- and five-door versions, including the electric variant, and the convertible.

During the Mini’s presentation to the press, we could hear personally from Olivier, who was proud of the result because the update fully maintains the essence of the model. In fact, Heilmer has stated on occasion that you can have the impression of being in front of a new vehicle working on the details, and that is precisely what you see in the new Mini.

Can you guess the model from its “look”? Test yourself…
Without changes in the dimensions or in the general silhouette, what varies the most in this generation is the front, with a larger, aerodynamic grille , without fog lights and with a central black frame that is what immediately catches the eye.

Viewed from the side, the wheel arches are wider, and new wheel designs are also introduced, while from behind it is the now standard LED headlights in the shape of the British flag that give it personality. It is also a remarkable novelty, albeit as an option, the possibility of having a “multitonal” roof, a color gradient that of course personalizes the car a lot.

Same mechanics
Inside the changes are not profound, but there is a new and elegant 5-inch frameless digital display for the instrument cluster, the same as the Countryman and the electric SE, and another for the infotainment system, in this case 8 ,8 inches.

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The rest of the details depend on the finish and the equipment, which as standard improves on the previous Mini while keeping the price level stable. It can also be expanded with specific “thematic” packages for navigation and connectivity, comfort elements and driving assistants, always leaving room for customization accessories, a constant in the brand so that the customer can differentiate their car.

The mechanical versions and options do not vary either: One (102 hp), Cooper (136 hp), Cooper S (178 hp) and John Cooper Works (231 hp) in gasoline, and the electric SE (135 kW / 184 hp), with The caveat is that the powerful John Cooper Works is not associated with the five-door body and the SE is only associated with the three-door variant.

Excellent touch
During the presentation we had the opportunity to drive the Mini Cooper S Cabrio (33,500 euros), and the truth is that both the image and the interior environment could not be more attractive, among other things thanks to the Sidewalk Edition finish (5,292 euros of surcharge) that it equipped.

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The digital instrument cluster is not overly large, but it looks good and provides more information than before. Our unit was equipped with the 7-speed automatic transmission of BMW origin, and during the route we verified that the high sporty feel of the Mini remains unchanged, highlighting both the thrust of the engine in a wide range of revolutions and the effectiveness of the change. The steering is very direct and the chassis-suspension combination provides agility in curves without compromising comfort.

As for the prices of the new Mini range, the One with three doors costs 22,300 euros, the Cooper 24,600 and the S 29,500, raising these amounts by 800 euros in the five- door versions . The electric Cooper SE (labeled “Zero” sells for 34,200 euros, the Convertible goes from 26,300 to 33,500 euros and the John Cooper Works cost 35,900 for the three-door and 42,700 for the Convertible.

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