Parties Now Ask Not To Skip Confinement To Attend Rallies

The Government will allow breaking the municipal confinement to attend electoral rallies. Budó justifies the measure to preserve the right to political participation.

The Catalans, who since January 7 can only leave their place of residence for very justified reasons, will be able to break this municipal confinement during the next election campaign on February 14 to attend party events and rallies.

The Government spokesperson, Meritxell Budó , confirmed on Tuesday that this is one of the exceptions that appears in the self-responsible declaration that the Generalitat forces those who have to leave their population for any reason to sign.

Budó justified this measure in the need to preserve the right to political participation despite the covid-19 pandemic and this includes attending political events that will already be designed “to guarantee distances, capacity and all security measures “.

“These events and rallies will be reduced and with a lot of telematic presence,” he stressed, while considering “a fundamental right ” to attend these events. The Government, after criticism on social networks, insisted hours later that it exists a resolution of the Department of Health in which this possibility was already allowed, avoiding crowds and preferably using outdoor spaces.

Regarding the celebration of the 14-F elections, and with regard to health guarantees, the Government will set up a pavilion for the Fira de Barcelona to organize data collection and scrutiny.

Next week, the Government will decide whether to reinforce the restriction measures in force in relation to the pandemic. Budó assured yesterday that, despite the fact that the Govenr was betting on delaying the elections, these can be held with all guarantees on 14F.

On the other hand, the Government approved an increase in the Generalitat’s budget amounting to 1,800 million euros based on the regional liquidity fund of the State. With this amount, among other expenses motivated by Covid, the 618 million of the aid plan for SMEs, the self-employed and workers in ERTE situations will be financed.

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