10 Funny Secret Santa Messages For Friends, Family and Boyfriend

The month of December has become one of the times when the Christmas spirit has managed to invade the being of many people for Funny secret santa messages , so much so that it has become a custom to play ‘Secret Friend’ a few weeks before Christmas Eve. Companies, at school, university and other places decide to carry out this type of activity since it manages to integrate people.

This game is one of the most exciting because many times it happens that you are touched by a person that you had not even met before or everything to the contrary, you get the person you wanted so much, such as giving Christmas secret santa notes for your boyfriend , your best friends or someone special you’ve been waiting to touch you with some secret santa quotes.

On the other hand, part of this game is also leaving little details such as sweets, desserts, curious messages until the day of delivering the Christmas gifts and revealing secret friends. If you have no idea how to surprise him, here we will give you a little help to create the most creative sayings and fun messages.

A few days into December, this is the trick that many want to know. Although people use WhatsApp not only to communicate or chat, but to do countless things like send photos, send videos, view GIFs or share funny emojis and even animated stickers, there are other functions that many are unaware of.

Now that Christmas is approaching, many are interested in holding the famous “invisible friend” or “secret friend” raffle from a distance and anywhere in the world. Did you know that this can also be done via WhatsApp for 12 notes ?

Although you did not know it, the popular game of “secret friend” can be carried out from the fast messaging application. You just have to have the necessary tools on your smartphone and that’s it 10.

10 Funny Secret Santa Messages For You

You can even organize the famous raffle with all the people you want and so everyone can participate using not only the apps that we will show you below, but also WhatsApp . How to do it? Here we explain it to you:

1. “I bet you have no idea who I am and that’s better because mystery is fun. Anyway, I leave you a clue: I do not belong to your circle of friends. But do not worry because even if I am not very close to you I will give you a gift that you will like ”

2. “I have had to become a private investigator to find out what you like and are apparently hard to please. I hope you like the gift I have prepared for you because it is the best I could get. ”

3. “I’m not good at keeping secrets and on many occasions I have been on the verge of being exposed but luckily until now I am a mystery to you and I will be until the right moment.”

4. “The coincidences of life made me give a gift to a person whom I know much more and the most likely thing is that he has made the right choice in choosing your gift, I hope you like it. Sincerely, your secret friend.”

5. “The best secret friend is the one that you think least and you will know when you least expect it, so do not despair”

6. “The mystery of not knowing who I am may be killing you, but remember that the more mysterious it is, the more fun”

7. “What today is a secret detail, tomorrow will be a gift in front of everyone, are you ready?”

8. “Don’t try to discover me, while you don’t know who I am it will be much better”

9. “I don’t know you perfectly but I have found out a lot about you and I hope I can surprise you with my gift”

10. “One of my best qualities is keeping secrets, so it’s very difficult for you to guess who I am. Keep trying”

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