Three Women In Euskadi Put Hope For Covid Vaccine

Three women of 91, 87 and 80 years of age have been the ones who have put a face to the hope of the end of the pandemic in Euskadi. On a cold December morning, the first three people to start the mass vaccination counter in the Basque Country were Consuelo Landa, 91, Bernardina Escudero, 87, and Begoña del Olmo, 80 years old.

They have been chosen to begin this Sunday a process that should strangle a virus that has put the whole world on the ropes , with about two million deaths and more than 80 million infected.

In Vitoria, which was the zero zone of the virus back on February 28, when the first case was diagnosed, and the virus was primed in the Hospital of Txagorritxu , the reference center of the Alava health system, Consuelo has shown hope in that the vaccine improves the life expectancy of all human beings.

“If it goes well, we will all benefit,” he said shortly after the first injection was given. “I have not felt anything,” she said gratefully. Paula Ortiz de Zarate has been the Osakidetza professional in charge of providing the dose .

Consuelo will be 92 years old in March and has encouraged the elderly to get vaccinated and not be afraid. As she has said, she has always responded affirmatively to the vaccines that have been proposed to her. But he did miss something: “What a shame to have to be in the residence without being able to go outside”, he said.

The refrigerator with the 140 doses that have arrived in Álava from 405 that shortly after ten o’clock in the morning the Civil Guard delivered to the Ertzaintza at a point on the N-1 road, have already been inoculated among residents and caregivers of the Ajuria residence.

Begoña del Olmo, 80, has received the first dose at the IFAS residence in Elorrio (Bizkaia), and Itxaso García has been the Osakidetza professional in charge of providing the dose. “I’m very well, thank you, I feel very good, it’s like the flu vaccine,” Begoña said while clapping, happy: “I have put it on because my daughter told me, love, put it on.”

The same van that parked around eleven o’clock at the door of Ajuria, in Vitoria, took the AP68 shortly after in the direction of the Biscayan residence where the first doses will be injected to its 55 residents.

The doses of the covid-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer and Biontech that arrived in Euskadi from Guadalajara were distributed in three refrigerators to each of the selected residences: 140 doses to Álava, 85 doses to Bizkaia and 180 to Gipuzkoa.

The main amount of vaccines, 13,000 every Monday, will begin to be received tomorrow with the aim of vaccinating around 100,000 Basques in the first quarter, around 5% of the population. The doses were received by the Minister of Health, Gotzone Sagardui.

The third refrigerator with vaccines arrived at the Caser Betharram residence in Hondarribia, Gipuzkoa. And first on the list was Bernardina Escudero, 87 years old from Oiartzun. Ainara Sarasola has been the professional in charge of giving him the injection.

Along with them, the 83-year-old Modesta Aranzasti, also a resident of Caser, from Hondarribia, has also been vaccinated. In this center, two residents of the 118 have refused to get the vaccine.

The Basque Department of Health has recalled that from now on the vaccination campaign will continue for the next few days depending on the arrival of the doses.

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