We Have To Be First As We Lack Hugs

Consuelo, 91 years old in Álava; Batiste, 81, in Rafelbuñol (Valencia); Vicente, of 72 in Mérida; Nieves, 82, in Santiago de Compostela; Emilia, 80, in Zaragoza; Áureo, 88, in Cevico de la Torre (Palencia); Doria, 88 in La Laguna (Tenerife) or Antonio, 83, in Granada have followed in the wake of Araceli Hidalgo in Guadalajara and have become the first residents of their respective autonomous communities to be vaccinated against the covid.

The nerves of waiting have barely been allowed to show when these elderly people have gone to the rooms set up in their senior centers to get the vaccine. “It is the one that has hurt me the least of all,” acknowledged Antonio Yáñez, 83, the first Andalusian to be vaccinated, at the Beato Fray Leopoldo residence in Granada.

He has arrived leaning on his crutch and with a calm face that peeked out from behind his white mask. But the previous wait has been made eternal. “I did not know if they were going to call me in the morning or in the afternoon,” he acknowledged.

Antonio volunteered to give himself the injection, like Batiste Marín, 81, the first vaccinated in Valencia and who “was glued to the door to be the first” of his residence, Verge del Miracle, in Rafelbuñol, as he himself has recognized .

Antonio knows of the damage caused by the virus. He lost his wife a month ago to the pandemic. Both, like the rest of those who have received the first doses in Spain, are not afraid, they believe that getting vaccinated is important and recommend that the rest of the population do so.

Araceli Hidalgo, 96, first vaccinated against covid in Spain: “Let’s see if we can make the virus go away”.Three women in Euskadi put a face to hope for the Covid-19 vaccine.

Batiste Martí, 81 years old, the first Valencian vaccinated: “I have done it because I wanted to and because it has to be done”

The covid has been primed with the elderly and residences in Spain. The death toll in the 5,457 centers for the elderly in the country has exceeded 24,700, approximately 49% of the deaths from coronavirus reported by the Ministry of Health.

For this reason, residents and the professionals who care for them, along with other health workers, are the first to be vaccinated. Emilia Nájera, 80, who has been at the La Romareda residence in the Aragonese capital since 2008, does not doubt the importance of the elderly opening the path of vaccination.

What would the world do without grandparents? And the grandchildren? Who takes them out for a walk and takes them to school because their parents have to work? Therefore, we have to be the first. Also, this is a thing for everyone. It will heal us and we will be able to hug each other because we all love each other and we lack hugs and loving each other ”,

This morning, after the injection of Araceli Hidalgo, the boxes with the vials have begun to arrive at the distribution centers of each community, guarded by agents of the Security Corps and Forces. From there they have been distributed among the residences.

His arrival has been received amid the expectation of the flashes of the photographers and the hope of the workers and residents of the senior centers.

Many of them have been proud to have gotten the puncture, such as Áureo López, 88, the first Castilian-Leonese to receive the vaccine in that community and who is already looking forward to the next 21 days to inject the second dose to “recover freedom and go back to taking walks abroad ”, or Vicente Mirón, 72, who has inaugurated the inoculations in Extremadura.

Mirón had to be isolated for a month and a half by the virus. “Although I tried to entertain myself with books, I needed to be with friends,” he recalled. From Santiago de Compostela, Nieves Cabo raised his arm in front of the press to show that the injection did not hurt, the same arm that he later moved in greeting from the window of the Porta do Camiño public center, where he resides.

“I feel like new and I am very happy, very happy for having been the first in Galicia. I invite everyone to wear it, ”said Cabo.

Doria Anatolia Ramos, 88, did not say hello, but she did applaud, joining the clapping of the rest of the health workers, after receiving the puncture at the Nuestra Señora de los Dolores Hospital, in La Laguna (Tenerife). The first Canarian to do so has not felt any discomfort either.

“One less vaccine,” he declared. Consuelo Landa, 91, Bernardina Escudero, 87, and Begoña del Olmo, 80, have started the mass vaccination counter in the Basque Country. I n Catalonia, Teresa Soria, 74, used the vaccine at the La Mercè residence in Tarragona.

In the next three months, 4,591,235 doses of the vaccine will be distributed that will be enough to immunize a total of 2,295,638 people, 5% of the national population, the “almost all” of the first group of the vaccination plan, according to indicated the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa. About 350,000 doses will be distributed each week.

Not only the older ones have premiered this Sunday. Health professionals have also started to get injections, like Enrique Martínez Nieto, the first vaccinated doctor in Andalusia. “There have been many deaths and fatalities, not only in the residences.

The vaccine comes at a very important time before the third wave ”, said the doctor, head of the medical team at the Beato Fray Leopoldo senior center in Granada. The first doses of Pfizer have also begun to be inoculated at the San Cecilio Hospital Clinic in the same city.

“It has been super exciting,” said Fernando Santamarina, an emergency physician, who has volunteered in a broken voice. “You remember the people who have stayed on the road. I encourage you to get vaccinated because, if not, this will never end ”, he said.

The first punctures, in addition to being recorded for history, are an injection of hope to dissipate the lethal effects of the pandemic.

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